The Oak Ridge Boys release latest CD 'It’s Only Natural'

“It’s Only Natural”

The Oak Ridge Boys

Cracker Barrel Music

Before I die, I wanna…

The Oak Ridge Boys have perhaps the best “bucket list” song out there, made up of things to do “before I die,” but also of characteristics and qualities still to become.

The things-to-do wishes are, naturally, from the standpoint of a male’s point of view… “I wanna see that New York stadium from a right field seat…” but anyone could make up their own wishes and insert them if covering the song, or just singing loud enough along with the Boys on the CD.

“Before I Die” is only one of four new songs on this, their latest CD which is being distributed through Cracker Barrel Music, either online or through their restaurants and country stores. “What’cha Gonna Do” is a whimsical look at taking the next step in a relationship and brings bass singer Richard Steban’s voice to full maturity. “Wish You Could Have Been There” and “The Shade,” combined with these two, prove that the Boys are still leading the game.

Their classics are here, too, but with fresh, new recordings. “Elvira,” their most well-known hit, now 30 years since the first release and since William Lee Golden started growing his beard, is arranged the same, but is alive with the band’s current energy driving this ear-candy bit of nostalgia.

“Louisiana Red Dirt Highway” got my attention with the emotion of such lines as “I’m already lonesome, and the tires ain’t even slunk off all the clay.”

Nowadays, it’s still good to hear a CD completely filled with songs built on the diverse talents of every band member, and with understandable lyrics that can be listened to at any gathering, including great-grandma Lizzie’s 100th birthday party!

Went on a road trip recently, and stopped at three Cracker Barrel Stores along the way. “It’s Only Natural” was on the CD stand in every one of them.

Meanwhile, I’ve adopted this line from “Before I Die”… it’s time I put some living in these dreams.”