Being grateful for God’s blessings

You never know what you’re going to read on Facebook and I cruise it often for varied purposes.

Friday I read a message written by a girl who graduated from Van Alstyne High School a year ahead of my daughter Jamie. Tiffany Ingram is now Tiffany Eaves and, as a young wife and mother, continues to grow into her beauty inside and out.

Friday she wrote: “Interesting how God will put things into perspective for you to allow you to see and appreciate what you have. Check engine light comes on in our ‘new’ car this morning and all day at work I’m moping, complaining about how I just made the first payment, this is an expense we don’t need right now with my husband being injured and us expecting a new baby soon, etc… On my way home I see a tiny homeless man struggling to push a bicycle up an incline at a new 7-11 off 380. All his ‘stuff’ strapped to it and I swear it had to have weighed more than he did…not to mention, it’s 107* outside. I got just a few miles down the road and HAD to turn around….check engine light still flashing. Got to the 7-11 and he was parked in the shade devouring an ice cream like he hadn’t eaten in days. I went in, grabbed him a couple of gatorades, some snacks and a cup of ice and took it out to him. We didn’t speak much but the look on his face was enough. I knew he appreciated it. And, as I drove off I was suddenly appreciative of my used car…flashing check engine light & all. :)”

She said she wrote it to share how she is grateful for what she has. Her walk with God gets deeper as time passes.

It’s been fun for me to watch my daughter and her friends grow into young men and women with children of their own, jobs, mortgages and the responsibilities that come with all those things.

When I look at the their generation taking on leadership roles in society, I’m reassured that things are going to be OK.