Better weather is on the way

I woke up Thursday morning from a dream that I didn’t want to see end. In my dream, I was walking along a white sandy beach that could have only been South Carolina. The dream shouldn’t have surprised me since I had been looking, just before going to bed, at photos of a trip I took there some years ago. As I closed my photo album, I wondered when nice warm air would ever return to this part of the country.

It seems to me that this winter has been colder than most. Maybe I say that every year right about this time, I can’t seem to remember. On the positive side, the weather predicting folks say Saturday should be a very nice day with plenty of sun and warmer temperatures. As luck would have it, I have the day off Saturday and I am looking forward to putting all of that good weather to even better use.

My neighbors will be happy to know that I do plan to get my Christmas lights removed from my front yard and put away. I also plan to remove Christmas decorations from the inside of my house.

In addition, my list includes cleaning up the front yard and taking my schnauzer on a nice walk around the park. If I get the decorations put away and the dog walked, I will be happy.

The dog will probably be pretty happy, too. These cold days and colder nights have limited the amount of time we spend walking around the neighborhood.

When the snow came down earlier in the week, some friends photographed their dogs running and playing in it. My dog took one look at all of the frozen white stuff on the ground and ran back inside the house.

Maybe this weekend he and I will both be able to spend some quality time outdoors.

Happy birthday Friday to Lois J. Smith, Sara Butterworth and Lonnie Whitehurst, all of Denison; Mertie McKenzie of Whitesboro; Adam Bentley, Carol Parrish, Walter Pawlus, Louie Dale Lee, Tameka McCarty, Christina Morales, Frances Barnhart and Andrea Nelson, all of Sherman; Colton Stone of Bells; Don Williams of Tom Bean; Melba Hamm Perdue of Collinsville; Billy Lyles of Ivanhoe; Betty Connally of El Reno, Okla.; Tate Dobbs of Pottsboro; Tonya Shields of Tom Bean; Brooklyn McCaleb of Howe; Nora Swift, Tovarrea Baldwin.

Happy anniversary Friday to David and Lynda Dennard of Sherman, 39 years; Joshua and Brandi Stogsdill of Denison, 10 years.

Happy birthday Saturday to Rev. Rick Sommers Sr., Emily Taylor, Doyle Robert Reynolds and Donoryn Freeman, all of Sherman; Trey Stanley, Dylan Ridenour,Ann Auvigne, Jackie Mullinex and Larry Darnell Rezzar, all of Denison; Tillman Nichols of Houston; Gerald Glenn Slate of Bosque, N.M.; Stacy Clark Williams of Austin; Dewayne Hughes of Denton; and Bea Wheeler.