Digital storage awesome

One of the things I’m working on for the new year is getting more organized. I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping my desk organized at work, but I haven’t proven as disciplined elsewhere.

After months of having a backseat filled with various books, jackets and more napkins than I could count, I recently got my car cleaned out enough to allow people to sit back there without worrying whether they needed a tetanus shot.

My next goal is to get several different areas of the house cleaned up and looking presentable again. They’re not really dirty, just cluttered — which is something that I’m also dealing with on my computer.

When I bought the computer, having two terabytes of storage space sounded like a made-up number that I could never fill. It’s like saying I’ve got two kagillion of something — people know that just means “a whole bunch” even though it’s not a real amount. However, when the computer started telling me it didn’t have enough memory to open a program or space wasn’t available to save the digital album I just bought, two terabytes suddenly seemed very real and not nearly big enough.

I cleaned out the hard drive to get rid of all the things I didn’t need and didn’t realize were still on the computer — I didn’t know I had my browser set so email attachments I viewed were saved to the hard drive — but that didn’t free up nearly as much space as I was hoping. My extensive collection of MP3s and other music files is just too large, and means too much to me, to be able to part with them.

Luckily a little external hard drive saved the day and freed up precious space on my computer. About the size of a video cassette, if anyone else remembers those, that external hard drive took all my music files off the computer, yet is so easy to connect and use that it’s like they never left.

I’ve always found technology amazing, but the fact that all my music can be stored in such a little item blows me away. Since we’re increasingly living in a digital world everyday, it’s good to know that I can store things easily and not take up much space in the house.