Doesn’t everyone have a passion?

I have always had a passion for school supplies.

This time of year I can’t go into a store without checking out the price of spiral notebooks. And all those different types of pens beckon me when I’m still at the front door. Even though I have a camera bag pocket filled with Sharpies, I still bought another package the other day — just in case I run out.

When I ran my own store a few years ago, one service I offered was to working moms, who could come in and give me their kids’ school supplies lists. I shopped for and packaged all those items with care, and always put in a surprise in each package to boot, simply because I felt a little sorry for the kids who couldn’t, for their parents’ time reasons, get to select their own supplies. I used a spreadsheet to lay out the entire order form, then went to the discount store like a coupon shopper, filling up about 10 buggies. So much fun!

I think this all came from the days of old when my brothers and I went to the drug store in our hometown and carefully selected just the right Big Chief tablet and No. 2 pencil. The druggist put all the fun stuff down on the bottom level, eye level to us young kids.

I still have supplies on a book shelf that I kept in stock when the grandkids were in school. During the year, they could shop — at a very discounted price — to refill their notebooks or get another package of crayons. The price? A Yankee Dime!

Happy birthday Friday to Meccsha Moore, Billy Kelly and twins, Madilyn and Morgan Kirk, all of Denison; Holli Burns, Rose McKee, Shelia McCarty, Alvin Brown Sr., Horace Lyons Jr., Novella Cummings, Erica Tinajera and Mindy Cummings, all of Sherman; David Reynolds of Wichita Falls; Caleb Shirley of Celina; Frances Martin of Bonham; Micheal Weatherread of Cartwright, Okla.

Happy anniversary Friday to Gene and Ellie Kriebel of McKinney, 56 years; Brooks and Jimmie Frith of Denison, 39 years; Jerry and Cindy Johnson of Bells, 39 years; Sam and Patsy Patty of Pottsboro, 37 years; Danny and Elaine Crook of Denison, 21 years; Milton and Darlene Brown of Sherman, 16 years.

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