Fall means back to books for readers and students

Fall is coming and I know it. My assurance doesn’t rest on the fact that school supplies are on sale at local stores or even on cooler temperatures outside. It rests on the list of books about to be released. I have been waiting for this list for awhile so I know the season is about to turn to greet them.

Fall is, for the record, my favorite time of the year. It is the time of football, marching bands, festivals and fairs. It is also the season of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

This year, it will be the season of Patricia Cornwell, Janet Evanovich, James Patterson, Tess Gerritsen, Kathy Reich, Sandra Brown and John Grisham. If I get to read half of the books coming out this fall, I will be doing well, I think.

Cornwell’s newest book puts her heroine Kay Scarpetta in hot water again. This time, she might have to solve the case on her own without her usual gang of collaborators.

Patterson, who might also answer to the king of fiction, actually has two books out this fall — one for Alex Cross fans and one that doesn’t feature Cross. I don’t see how anyone writes as many books a year as Patterson. I know he has help, but one would think he would be tired of coming up with great ideas by now.

Grisham’s newest book also seems like a must read. I must confess, I have missed the last couple of books from Grisham, so I might have to spend some time at the library catching up.

It is hard to pick one of the above-mentioned books as the one I most want to read. But, if I had to do so, I guess I would pick “Notorious Nineteen” by Evanovich. I hope there is less gratuitous cursing in this book, but there probably won’t be. I will probably have to read it and cringe like I have the past few Plum books. Funny thing is, the books are so good that even with that glaring flaw, they are still worth the read.

I am not saying a book should never include salty language. Some books contain language that feels appropriate for the situation, and Evanovich’s once did that. Now it sometimes feels like she is writing with a curse word quota to fill.

Now, if I just win the lottery so I can afford all of the above books, that will be good.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Charles L. Watkins, Margaret Alverson and Mikah Dehorney, all of Denison; Melinda Fuller, JoAnn Layman, Jannis Rowan, Paula Ferguson and James Wiley Langford, all of Sherman; Virginia Howard Womack of Avinger, Texas; Hack Wheeler of McKinney.

Happy anniversary Tuesday to Leo and Lois McKee of Denison, 64 years; Bill and Melba Cougur of Denton, 63 years; Tommy and Jan Ponder Bateman of Sherman, 42 years; Mack and Jane Hayes of Denison, 41 years; Alan and Amy Pierce of Denison, 19 years.