Finding a new dog

After two years with Bert, our French bulldog mix, my wife and I recently started discussing acquiring a second dog. In addition to being another little guy we could love, we felt like it would give Bert a companion to play with when he’s not sunning himself in the backyard and we could each hold a leash when walking them.

We both liked the idea in theory, but in practice I know I just wanted another Bert.

That dog has learned our rhythms and fits in perfectly with us. He knows his bathroom is in the backyard, likes to sleep on the couch in the mornings when we’re just waking up and prefers to sleep under blankets during the evenings when we’re winding down.

Frankly, I’m jealous of the amount of sleeping he does.

I was concerned a new dog wouldn’t be this way. He might need to be house broken, might be too aggressive and could get overly excited when we come home from a long day at work. Realistically those are all things we’ve seen from Bert, but he knows when to stop. Still, the possibility of having a second dog as great as Bert had us both in favor of the idea.

Then one afternoon when she was taking Bert to the dog park, my wife spotted a little black dog running around the intersection near our house with little regard for the automobiles moving about. Concerned for his safety, she stopped her car and chased him on foot for 15 minutes trying to catch him. He was a wily little sucker, but she eventually got him. He didn’t have a collar or any identification, so we kept him for the night and started calling him Roger.

We took Roger to our veterinarian the next day and found that he didn’t have an ID chip, but was in great health aside from being a bit malnourished. He was very sweet right away and played well with Bert, so we decided to see if he would fit in during a longer trial as we never saw any signs for a lost dog.

Bert didn’t want to share his toys or his humans at first, often retreating to his crate to pout, but eventually came around — especially when he realized Roger was up for playing tug-of-war much more often than we are.

It’s been almost a month now and there have been no problems between them, so I think we officially have a new member of our family.