Five year old’s first white Christmas

When the snow started falling Christmas afternoon it seemed like everyone I know starting cheering on social media sites. My voice was not among the throng proclaiming the wonders of a white Christmas. Sure such scenes are beautiful on Christmas cards and in movies. But in real life, it has been my experience, all that pretty white stuff ends up being a big old mess.

The problem is that most of us don’t know how to drive on the stuff once it hits the road and freezes. That turns traffic into a nightmare and forces those in my profession, and many people in other professions, to have to work overtime keeping up with the chaos.

So my mood Christmas Day grew continually darker until I got a phone call.

“I played in the snow and it was so cold,” said my little niece when her mother handed her the phone.

We talked about how much fun she was having and then came the question I knew was coming.

“Can I come down and play in the snow with Buster?” she asked. I thought the addition of the dog in the request was unique and I laughed.

“He will like the snow,” she assured me.

So my little Hyundai and I made the short drive to her home. Then I realized just how much fun mothers in colder climates must have a daily basis. It is not, in fact, fun to let snow drip all over you as you manage to buckle a youngster into a car seat and get all of said young one’s paraphernalia stored away.

Once I got her to my house, she insisted that we go out and explore the cold white stuff together. She then insisted her uncle Tommy come along as well. Thankfully, he took the turn as head snowball maker and target while I caught the whole thing on video. I figure she might be graduated from high school the next time she sees a white Christmas, and the video might be something she enjoys watching through the years.

When she returned to the warmth of our house, she said, “I love this white Christmas.” It wasn’t what she said that struck my heart as much as it was the joy with which she said it. That joy filled our house and began, if only for a few moments, to chase away my “Bah Humbug” attitude about the weather.

It returned again the next morning as I scraped my windows and prepared to make my way to the newspaper. No matter how much technology we come up with, someone still has to be a the office to answer the phones. I was too buys worrying about sliding into a ditch to notice how pretty things were on the drive. When I got to the paper, I got to be one of those people whose cars won’t make it the hill as I attempted to enter our parking lot. Gee that was fun.

Next Christmas, I want to be wearing my shorts as I watch Stormi and all of the other neighborhood children ride their bikes.