Gas prices should be reasonable

The joy I feel everytime I drive past a gas station and notice another decrease in gas prices makes me feel old because it reminds me of what gas cost when I was a lad.

It’s been over 20 years since I became a licensed driver and during that time I’ve seen gas prices mostly rise and only seldom fall. In fact, I don’t really recall it being in the $2 to $3 range for very long. It seemed like it jumped from $1.99 a gallon to over $3 very quickly.

However, anytime gas prices do fall, it makes me giddy over the possibility of seeing reasonable prices return. Of course, given my age, my idea of a reasonable price is probably vastly different from the generations before me and the ones that followed.

Gas hovered right around a dollar per gallon when I was a fresh-faced teenager with a brand new driver’s license. My parents gave me a local station’s credit card so I didn’t have to worry about having cash when my tank was running low. I don’t think I had to reimburse them when the bill came, because I was generally only allowed to go places they would have to drive me anyway, but I knew that didn’t mean I was allowed to use it for anything I wanted. If a bill arrived for more than $15, it would have raised a big red flag and I’d have immediately been called on the carpet to explain. So I never bought anything but gas with that card — no sodas, no snacks, no candy bars.

In today’s world I can’t imagine having a credit card that only worked at one gas station, much less being able to fill up any car for $15 — even those tiny, two-person microcars must take more gas than that. I’m always excited to spend under $50 when I have to stop at a gas station today.

Like many people, I remember my youth as a simpler time to which, I’m sure, we’ll never get back, but I think I’m alright with that. There are many advantages and luxuries we have today that I never could have dreamed of 20 years ago. In fact many of those luxuries — like the Internet, whole television seasons on DVD and DVRs — provide a great reason for staying home and not burning gas.

Still, I wish we had all that we have today and reasonably priced gas.

Happy birthday Monday to Janice Bryant, Elane M. Tuley and Brendon Strickland, all of Denison; Gail Grigg, John Mark Lavender, Rev. Steve Lewis Sr. and Mattie Scruggs, all of Sherman; Bill Hall of Luella; Elnora Geer of McKinney; Khloe Orten of Rowlett; Jamie Lee Green of Lamesa; Colten Campbell and Barby Johnson, both of Van Alstyne.

Happy anniversary Monday to Donny and Tamarah Brown of Sherman, 2 years.