It was too cold for May in Texas

When I arrived at work on Wednesday, I finally remembered to put up the shade for my windshield because I was tired of coming out to an interminably hot car.

We’d had so many months of cooler temperatures and pleasant days that I’d almost forgotten that my air conditioning goes up all the way. A couple of unpleasant car rides earlier this past week woke me up from that delusion, and I fished the foldable shade out of my trunk and put it in prime position for the impending scorcher of a summer.

Then Thursday happened.

I took two steps out of my house Thursday morning and realized I was not going to be able to survive the day without the jacket I’d recently tucked into the back of my closet along with my sweaters and long-sleeved shirts. I’d heard talk of us getting another cold front last week, but I didn’t see how it could possibly lower temperatures past the 60s since the end of April was quickly approaching.

When the Sherman Independent School District pushed back this year’s Fourth Grade Field Day to Friday, May 10, because of expected “record low temperatures” on Friday, I still figured it was going to be in the 50s or something.

I just don’t understand how it was as cold as it was Thursday and Friday, since we live in Texas. I could understand these kinds of temperatures if this was Colorado, Oregon or Montana, but it gets so hot here that most of the state was still suffering through a drought in the middle of winter.

I had my jacket Thursday, but I didn’t have any gloves with me, so I was a little bit worried about Denison’s National Day of Prayer observance, which was originally scheduled to take place at the Waterloo Lake Pavilion at noon. When I showed up to an empty park, I just couldn’t believe the temperatures had kept everyone away from the annual event, and was quickly informed the event had been moved indoors to a local church. Once there, I discovered the unpredictable weather hadn’t really discouraged much of anyone from attending as the event boasted practically the same number of attendees as last year’s ceremony.

Friday, I was comfortable without my jacket, so hopefully it can go back into the closet for the rest of the year.

Happy birthday Sunday to Nolan Joshua Crews Madden Means and Courtney Clapp, all of Denison; Bob Boland, Keyahja Leigh Harvey, Everette Barney, John F. Cooper, Kiki Toney and Samaya Bryant, all of Sherman; Betty Jo Brigham of Houston; Devo Kemp of Tyler.

Happy anniversary Sunday to Jason and Shenna Watson of Sherman, 6 years; Brian and Kristen Grant of Denison, 3 years.