Kitty Love progresses

A couple of years ago I inherited a cat. Well, actually I became one of the primary caregivers of a cat that had always lived in my home but had mostly ignored me. I am a dog person.

But then life did what it does and there we were stuck with each other. It took awhile, but he has finally claimed me. It started with a general awareness of me that he showed by following me around the house a bit. Among the cat, the dog, and the niece, I haven’t had privacy in years.

From following, he started winding around my legs as I walk. This annoys me greatly so I try to push him away with my foot. I don’t kick him, but I do pick him up with my foot and scoot him ahead. Then one day I realized he seemed to enjoy that. Now he sits on my foot and waits for me to toss him ahead of me a bit.

Next came the plop. He will be walking along in front of me and then suddenly just plop down on his side, roll over and wink at me. I am not kidding.

Then he began to sit close to me and lick my hand or arm. The head butting thing came along about the same time. Blue, that is his name, is a major head-butting fellow.

All through most of this I have endured or gone along more or less happy to have his company. Then he crossed the line. He changed from sleeping on the couch or in a chair to my bed. Not only my bed, which I could deal with if he picked a spot at the bottom of the bed, but my pillows.

Most of the time now when I can’t find him, I go into my bedroom and look at the pillows. Usually I find him hidden between the largest and smaller ones. If I weren’t afraid of being called a crazy cat lady, I would swear he is playing hide-and-seek.

I tell him, constantly, that the pillows are mine and he should stay at the bottom of the bed like the dog. Blue just looks at me with half closed eyes and gives me a slow wink.

Happy birthday Thursday to Mike Brezina of Whitesboro; Jeremy Earnhart of Van Alstyne; Roy Barker, George Erickson, Charles Gabriel, Tom Hulsey, Kristy Kyle, Quincy Henderson and Shirley Spratt, all of Sherman; John Sparkman, Robert E. Kirkpatrick, Lizzie Coney, Dale Phillips, André L. Boyd, Ken Roesler and Lori Townsend, all of Denison; Jason Stone of Bells; James Everett Lacy of Oklahoma City; Laura Dennison of South Carolina; Mary Walker and Jasley Cade’ Gloston, both of Dallas; Eddie Gressett of Collinsville; Gene Reed of Gunter; Noah Strange of Whitesboro; Nicholas Cox of Ethel; Pamela Mitchell of Wichita Falls; Roger Hull of Whitewright; Michelle Hedgecock of Denton.

Happy anniversary Thursday to Eddie and Jean Savage of Denison, 55 years; George and Dorothy Lichnovsky of Sherman, 45 years.