Morning routine can be interesting

My wife and I have two dogs, but since she leaves the house before me most mornings, I have the responsibility of taking them for a quick walk and explaining what the day ahead will be like for them.

I let them out of their crates when I get up in the morning and they like to curl up on the couch and ignore me — until I come out of the bedroom dressed for work. I find it amazing they can tell the difference, but if I come out looking for a shirt or without my shoes on, they don’t move. When they can tell I’m ready to go, they’re up and jumping for their leashes.

We’ll then head down to whichever end of the street we didn’t visit the day before. That gives them a number of mailboxes and light poles to sniff and mark before heading back inside for the day.

While I grab my lunch and fill my water bottle, the dogs pretend they’ve suddenly forgotten where they’re supposed to go when I tell them to get in their crates.

However, once they’ve gotten their treats and I’m walking out for the day, I make sure they get a detailed explanation of what lies ahead and how they should behave.

I always explain that their long-haired human with the high voice, or “mom” as they know her, will be home later and that she’ll let them out of their crates. She’ll let them go outside in the backyard, give them some food and play with them a little. However, on days when she’s under the weather or likely to be tired I make sure to warn them that they need to be good and play quietly because she will not put up with their shenanigans when she’s not feeling well.

I also fill them in on my plans, telling them I’ll be home a little while after “mom” and that we’ll try to go for a walk then. I always end my explanation of the day by telling them to be good and that I love them.

I don’t know how much they really understand these explanations, but I finding it comforting to share since I know I don’t like to be cooped up in my room while everyone else is out enjoying life. They don’t usually seem to mind, so I like to believe they at least understand when I tell them I love them.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Rev. Ralph Dawson, Linda Cox and Jimmy Kelly, all of Denison; Sanyah Hunter, Carol Trotter Godwin and Makhia Smity, all of Sherman; Denise Anderson of Pottsboro; Ashley Sutton of Collinsville; and twins Cleo Morrow and L. McKee.