In need of light

I was recently pulled over by a state trooper on Hwy. 75. I’d been keeping my eye on the speedometer, so I was confident I hadn’t been speeding, but had no clue what else I could have done.

When she got to my window, the trooper informed me I had a headlight out and gave me a warning. As it was still early in the evening, I hadn’t even noticed the lack of light coming from the driver’s side of my car, but I was relieved it was something — I assumed — that would be easy to fix.

I have no illusions of any automotive ability other than being able to move the gear shift into the slot for the direction I’d like to go, but I figured changing a headlight couldn’t be that difficult. I’d had the brake light that shines out the back window go out in my car last year and I had successfully found and changed that with no professional assistance, so I felt it was likely I could handle a light bulb on the front of my car as well.

I should have had an inkling of what laid ahead when I could find no discernible way in which the lights detached from the vehicle, but I decided to plow ahead anyway. I found an online forum that gave step-by-step directions on how to change a headlight in the specific year, make and model of my car, and since it needed nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver, I decided to buy a new bulb and do the repair myself the next day.

After acquiring the new bulb, I popped the hood and got to work. The first step was to locate and remove the two screws on the inner corner of the headlight assembly. That went pretty smoothly. Next I needed to locate the screw inside the engine compartment and remove it.

That’s where ran into trouble.

I’m pretty sure I was able to locate the screw, but it was only about two inches away from the battery. Given their proximity, there was not enough room to line up the screwdriver and remove the screw. To accomplish step two of changing my headlight, it looked like I would need to remove the battery from the car and I knew I wasn’t capable of doing that.

That’s when I decided it would be better to show my support for the hardworking individuals who make their livings in our area’s automotive service facilities, as I knew I was capable of paying someone else to change my headlight.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Glenna Andrews, Jimmy Lee Hall, Ken Swick, Darlene Bernard, Anthony Hicks, Jariah John and Margaret Weber, all of Sherman; Christy Lane, Zachareia Monyea Sommers and Roy Linwood, all of Denison; Shearin Montgomery of Bells; Rebekah Ferguson of Ravenna; Stone Shields of Tom Bean; John T. Sanders of Dixie; Kaci Stafford of McKinney.

Happy anniversary Tuesday to Dennis and Jean Redding of Savoy, 13 years.