Not all movies are worth paying to see

By William C. Wadsack

Herald Democrat

With 2012 having recently come to a close, the Oscar nominations right around the corner and a recent column from fellow reporter Jonathan Cannon talking about his favorite films of the year, I thought it only right that I reflect upon some of the movies I saw last year.

Now everyone writes about their favorite films of the year, and with the movie award season about to kick into full swing, I’m sure I’ll get around to that as well, but I thought I’d start on the other end of the spectrum.

Movie critics seem to be the only ones who compile lists of their least favorite films of the year, and while I’d like to add myself to that list, I’ve become discerning enough to tell which movies I would not like without having to pay money to see them. That’s why I’ve never seen a “Twilight” film, had no interest in “The Hobbit” and couldn’t be bothered with the latest “Madagascar” movie.

I’m happy for the people who did enjoy these films, but I know they’re not for me.

A movie about a teenager in love with a vampire makes me feel old. I have no children of my own or young relatives that I see on any kind of regular basis, so most of the cartoon sequels have no appeal for me — plus they’ll be fresh when I do have children who want to see them. As for “The Hobbit,” I managed to fall asleep during each of the three “Lord of the Rings” movies — a feat I’m rather proud of — so I have no interest in paying for another nap.

The only movie I saw that I really didn’t like was “Rock of Ages.”

My wife was convinced it would be so over-the-top ridiculous that it would be great and she was dying to see it. She and her best friend went to see it shortly after it came out, when I was — legitimately — under the weather. She came back raving about it so much that when my parents expressed a vague interest in it while visiting us a few weeks later, I agreed to see it with them.

I’ve never walked out of a movie or asked for my money back, but that movie was so cheesy I seriously considered it. I ultimately decided against it because I had an idea what I was getting myself into going in, so it’s only fair I paid for it.

And I think that’s the best way to sum up that experience — I paid for it.

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