One way streets confound me

I grew up in a city that had very few one way streets, so when I was learning to drive, that wasn’t something I had to worry about. Because of that fact, I have a hard time with one way streets now. There have been many times when I’ve circled an area heavy with one way streets multiple times trying to remember where I needed to turn to find a parking space.

It’s not that I don’t understand the street signs, I sometimes just start turning before I notice the “do not enter” and “wrong way” signs.

I drive by landmarks and direction. By that I mean I generally know which direction my destination is in, so I usually just pick a street that doesn’t look crowded and head toward the big tower I know is next door. Usually that works, but sometimes I run into a one way street. That’s also why I’m terrible at giving directions to people who want to know things like street names and whether to go north or south.

Because of all this, I’m a little worried about the changes Sherman made Saturday to the streets surrounding the Grayson County Courthouse. At some point, I’m afraid I may try to drive the wrong way down Travis Street or Crockett Street now that the city has made them unidirectional.

I drove through downtown Saturday morning, shortly after the city put up the new signs and unveiled the new striping on the streets, and managed to go the correct direction on all four streets. It all looks very nice and easy to understand, so I don’t think I’ll have a problem and I don’t think anyone else will either.

In my years of driving, I have found the best deterrent to going the wrong way down a one way street to be lots of cars coming directly at me. Whenever I pull up to a stop sign and see cars aimed head-on for my vehicle, I immediately recognize that as a one way street that I’m going the wrong way to enter.

So to help remind people like me about the changes downtown. We all need to just keep the businesses and the streets around the courthouse packed with people and cars. The city has already made it more attractive, so the least we can do is show our appreciation by giving our patronage to this area.

Plus it may just help keep everyone safe.

Happy Birthday to Terry Wayne Braxton, John Penny, Priscilla Ann Barnum of Denison, Brian Adams, Aaliylha Baker Jones, Rhonda Stephens, Nelda Springer, Heather Pearson, Anna Blackburn and Barbara Boland of Sherman, Sheri Gillespie of Hurst, Terry Ben McAllister of McAllen, Nathan Maller of Longview, Yvonne Mills and Don Smith of Whitesboro.