Pill for reminders?

Just when you think you’ve heard of everything, something else comes along.

Listening to the radio this week, I heard the deejays discussing a “pill that reminds you to take a pill.” I thought they were kidding, but I checked it out anyway. They were right!

A California-based company is finalizing work on a pill that lets the pill taker know if she/he missed a med. According to information I found, the pill has some kind of medicine and a tiny sensor chip made of food and vitamin materials. Once ingested, the pill ingredients are activated by the person’s stomach acid and one’s body becomes a battery. The chip sends a signal to a patch, kind of like a bandage, that the person is wearing.

The patch retrieves information on the persons’ heart rate, temperature, body angle and other stuff. When the person comes within 20 feet of his or her telephone, the data is sent to the company that designed the pill. The company will then turn the information into something readable and send it back to the person via a cell phone or email.

You read that right, folks. A pill that results in a text message or email letting us know if we forgot that blood pressure pill, heart medication, or whatever other med we’re suppose to be taking.

This discovery leads me to a bunch of questions. If the pill turns my body into a “battery,” will I be able to operate a flashlight or charge the car battery simply by touching it to that patch thingie? Exactly what else will that “chip” record and does it take pictures, too? Will that powerful patch send out some kind of signal that will short out the microwave, unlock cars, open and close garage doors and gates, or set off the alarms at the airport?

Supposedly, the wonder pill will save a bundle on medical claims.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a tad bit leery of the whole swallowing a computer chip thing. What if it kicks in something else while it’s in my stomach and I end up receiving CB radio calls or satellite TV?

Change is all good and fine, but this particular innovation leads to one obvious question: What’s going to remind you to take the reminder pill?

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