Pinterest interest

While trying to avoid election rants on social media and other web-related haunts, I spent a lot of time recently on Pinterest, browsing for Christmas items to make for my niece Stormi. I even found some wonderful homemade treats for my dog Buster.

I also drew some conclusions about people who were on the site with me. Many seem to be obsessed with closets, and bunk beds and bathrooms aren’t far behind. For those not familiar with the Internet site, it allows users to build boards and then pin to those boards items they find elsewhere on the web. For instance, I have a board called “For Stormi” which has pins about articles I have read related to fun things to do with a five-year-old girl — birthday cake ideas, learning games, and teaching tools. It also has a list of books I need to make sure she reads and a list of movies I can’t wait to watch with her.

I also have a board dedicated to home decorating. I discovered that I am not alone in that. Many other Pinterest users have such boards, and it is there one can see America’s obsession with closets and bunk beds.

Growing up in apartments, I can appreciate a person’s yearning for a nice big closet. But some I have viewed on Pinterest are big enough to fit entire families, or at least would serve well as a child’s bedroom. And, I have viewed a few bigger than my dorm room in college which I shared with another person.

And then there are the bunk beds. Who knew they were so popular? Many are are built-ins with lights, dresser drawers and stairways that seem to head for the sky. Some are so cute they make me wonder why I don’t get a set for myself. The dog could sleep on the top bunk, and that might give me room for a good night’s sleep.

Just in case the dog and I don’t have enough room on our bunk beds, we could always try squeezing into some of the half acre bathrooms I have seen on the site. Some of those plans not only offer his-and-her sinks and dressing areas, but tubs and toilets as well.

The site is a good place to start if looking for ideas to spark a remodel or a way to spend an afternoon with a tot, but it can also leave one feeling a bit deflated when one’s perfectly good closet doesn’t measure up.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Dianne Harp of Calera, Okla.; Sherri Johnson and Kay England, both of Denison; Bob Corley, Helen Melton, Linda Price, Jazlyn Cleamons, Anniyah Parker and Ruth Smith, all of Sherman; Richard Jackson Jr. of Palestine; Ray Santanelli Lewis of San Bernardino, Calif.; Brandon Thomas of McKinney; Kristi Pelfrey of Gunter; Carolyn Malone of Bonham; Barbara Holloway of Pottsboro.

Happy anniversary Tuesday to George and Beverly Dehorney of Denison, 41 years.