Ready for 2013

The new year is here, and along with it comes a need or supposed need to set some resolutions. I think back to the ones I set for 2012 and realize I didn’t do all that well, or all that poorly, either. I am not, for instance, a size 12. However, I did manage to eat a little healthier in 2012.

I didn’t get a novel published, but I did read a few really good ones which was a step up from the previous year. Though I haven’t added making a film to my list of resolutions for 2013, I do hope to actually see few this year … real ones that are not aimed at children under the age of 5.

Sometimes in life, as is any professional sport, one has to take a year or two to rebuild after major life events. I have been in that pattern myself for the past couple of years. I hope 2013 allows me to get a little more forward motion going. Maybe I will actually get my car washed and cleaned out all in one weekend. That would be an improvement, because lately by the time I get it cleaned out, it needs another trip to the washing bay.

I know I remember a me who had an organized purse and knew where everything was on her desk. I remember that person, I just haven’t communicated with her in a while. I hope we find each other again soon because I really like to be organized.

I also hope I get to continue to meet with the interesting people who live and work in the areas covered by the Herald Democrat. While novels and movies are great distractions, their tales of love, loss, courage, strength, stamina and betrayal don’t come close to matching the ones played out right here in Texoma. And, it is my pleasure or horror (depending on the nature of the tale) to get to tell them to our readers.

Happy Birthday Friday to Jennifer Jones, Vivian Draper, Kim Matthews, and Julia McKinney of Denison; Johnny Shelley of Bonham, Justyce Mullins, Joyce Smith, Melva Hamton, Ted Wilson, Rock Aycock and Pauline Harrison of Sherman; Harold Douglas Norris of Wichita Falls, Kenny Gressett of Gunter, Tommy Keene of Telephone, Kimberly Sheilds of Tom Bean and Michael Hinsley of Sadler.

Happy Birthday Saturday to Frankie Tyler and Joquetta Downey McLaney of Pottsboro, Jason Hughes, Fred Thompson of Sherman, Amy McGrew and Carlie Flowers of Dension, Jackie Bailey of Whitewright, Earle Deets of Ravenna, Lilly Brook Curry of Bonham and Judy Hollis Webster of Garland.

Happy Anniversary Friday to Curtis Gene Gray and Nacy Raylene Gray of Bells, 50 years; Johnny and Deborah Rigsby of Austin, 38 years; Pete and Dottie Ireland of Whitesboro, 21 years.

Happy Anniversary Saturday to James and Edna Draper of Dension, 42 years.