Saturday proves busy

Working a Saturday is always a bit of a puzzle here at the Herald Democrat. It seems weekend work in the newspaper biz only comes in two forms: feast or famine.

This past Saturday, I woke up thinking I would probably need to go searching for news and I thought most of it would be dull. Then I heard I was going to get to go cover the Toys for Tots toy run. Now that changed my outlook. What could be better than a bunch of excited bikers carrying toys? Nothing I say. And, I will add, that they did not disappoint.

On my way out to the location, I stopped by a store at Town Center to pick up some pet food. My cat was on the verge of taking over the kitchen and that is never a good thing. So, I figured I would run into the store real quick, get the food and scat on out. Boy did I figure wrong. I don’t know if local consumers are spending a lot more this holiday season than in the recent past, but a whole lot of them were out looking Saturday. Finding a parking place at Town Center Saturday was on par with finding a diamond on the beach …exciting if it happens, but not likely to occur.

The store I entered had no shopping carts left at the front and there were long lines at the check out. They weren’t Black Friday long lines, but they were longer than I usually encounter in that store on a Saturday morning.

As I made my way to the pet food section, I noticed lots of people heading to the Christmas decorations in the store. One fellow, a man who appeared to be a little lost without his wife, wondered out loud to his child, something along the lines of “If I were a Christmas ornament where would I be?”

I hate to see people mill about aimlessly so I told him how to get to his destination. I am sure he had lots of company when he got there.

Later that day when I went back out, I noticed that the rain had not seemed to dampen the desire of Sherman residents to cover everything they own with Christmas lights. Houses that were dark the day before now twinkled like so many stars in a dark night.

As the hour of 5 p.m. headed toward 6 p.m., I and many other folks I am sure, waited on news about the fate of Sherman’s Christmas parade. Would it go on or would it be cancelled because of the rain? The phone rang and rang with people wanting to know. I called up Sherman Mayor Bill Magers and put the question to him. He called his sources and called me back. The show, he said, was expected to go on. It did go on despite the downpour that preceded it. It proved once and for all that nothing can stop the Christmas spirit once it starts moving through Sherman.

Happy birthday Monday to Kathy Williams of Tom Bean; Lois Groce and Clarice Coffey, both of Sherman; Bonnie Ertel and Shirley Phillips, both of Denison; Glenn Payne of Savoy; Lee Carter of Harrison, Ark.; Sandra Kay Jarvis White of Austin; Marilyn Fulenwider Hobbs of North Richland Hills; DeJuan Dawson of Dallas; Peggie Hilburn of Bonham.