Shorts are for summer

I don’t miss the warmer weather, but I do miss getting to wear short pants.

I’ve seen some people will still wear shorts and a jacket, but I’ve never understood that since my legs get just as cold as my arms. I realize many of the people who wear shorts with jackets do so because most people and businesses keep it warm enough inside to be comfortable in shorts, but I don’t understand why their arms don’t get too hot.

It might be a fashionable look, but it confuses me every time I see it.

When it’s cold enough outside for sweaters and wool hats, I commit to the warmer weather and stay away from shorts. As much as I like feeling a breeze on my calves, I really like wearing winter clothes as well. I know some people don’t like the cold, but it gets so hot during the summer that I’m happy to deal with several months of colder temperatures.

Even the recent streak of warmer weather won’t sway my decision to keep my shorts tucked away until the spring. Once it gets cold enough to wear winter clothing, I don’t return to my summer attire until I’m sure the lower temperatures are gone for good.

I have a complicated history with shorts and long pants. As a child I wanted to wear shorts even when I should have been wearing a jacket; but in my late 20s, I decided that I would no longer wear shorts in public. I now realize it’s an odd choice, but at the time, I felt like children and professional basketball players should be the only people in my gender to wear shorts. As I was no longer a child, and my dreams of playing basketball professionally seemed unlikely, I always left the house with the bottom half of my legs covered.

My wife convinced me this was a silly idea about a week after we moved to Texas. It wasn’t very hard to get through to me, considering it was July and the temperature was regularly topping 100 degrees. It was hot enough moving around in that heat, but wearing jeans made me not want to ever leave the house.

Now I’ve so embraced shorts again that I’m looking forward to the spring when it’ll warm up enough to move my jeans to the back of the closet, since I won’t need them as much.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Bryson Lee Muther, Billy Wayne Ingram and Norman Monroe, all of Denison; Gloria Simmons, Martha Crawford Fitzsimmons and Susan Vincent, all of Sherman; Sandra Winningham and Verna Fisher, both of Bonham; Dawn Aloha Arrington of Gunter; Jeff Barnes of Trenton; Kelly Wilhelm of Pottsboro; Masseylee Moore of Houston.

Happy anniversary Tuesday to Glenn and June Whitaker of Van Alstyne, 70 years; Arylis and Gwen McKinney of Sherman, 41 years; Jimmy and Barbara Logan of Denison, 38 years.