Tea withdrawal

Sometimes, I let my good intentions overload the rest of me. Case in point, I gave up iced tea for Lent. Now for most folks this might not seem like much of a sacrifice, especially since it isn’t summer.

But for me, it has turned out to be quite a challenge. Generally for Lent I have given up chocolate or added something like going to church more often. This year I was sitting in church as the pastor spoke about Lent, and I started thinking about an everyday thing that I could sacrifice. I don’t really eat chocolate every day, so it didn’t seem like much of a sacrifice.

Then iced tea sprang to my mind as though it had been whispered by an angel. I don’t know who had my ear that morning, but a little more than a week into this, I am beginning to doubt the angel theory. Who knew I was actually emotionally, if not physically, addicted to iced tea?

Well, my mom knew. When I told her of the plan, she looked at me like I had walked in the front door and said I had decided to stop breathing for 40 days.

“Can you drink something else?” my mom asked. It is a self-imposed abstention, but switching tea for cola didn’t seem quite fair. That wasn’t really giving up something, it was just trading. Since going without anything to drink isn’t healthy, I knew I would have to have something in place of the copious amounts of tea I drink. I decided on water.

Those who love iced tea will understand that a tall glass of water at the end the day just isn’t the same as a glass of tea. But what’s a gal to do? The decision to give something up for Lent is like a promise (in my opinion) to God. I really didn’t want to tell God that I will do many things for him, but giving up tea, even just for 40 days, isn’t one of them.

Then I remembered, God is merciful. And I discovered there is a caveat to this whole “giving up things” for Lent. Sundays in Lent can be considered days of celebration rather than deprivation. That means, praise God, I get to have tea on Sundays. I have already gone more than one week without tea, so I feel pretty sure that I can go from Sunday to Sunday for the next few weeks without it. Just as long as I know Sunday is coming. Jesus turned water into wine. I wonder if he ever had iced tea? If he did, he probably understands my dilemma.

Happy birthday Sunday to Gloria Danette Braxton Brown of Denison; Roseanna Ingram of Pottsboro; Thurman Dehorney Sr., Nancy Pruitt, Janet Polk, Laura Long, Elizabeth White, Pat Lambert, Amber Terrell, Doug McKinney and Eula Mae Patterson, all of Sherman; Marshall Bowman of Anna; Clyde Cox of Collinsville.

Happy anniversary Sunday to Richard and Harolyn Berry of Denison, 49 years; Don and Carolyn Cox of Ethel, 41 years; Jimmy and Janet Polk of Sherman.