Those dratted Birds

For many months now since I became a member of the smart phone community, I have avoided certain games on the devices.

Then one recent Saturday my niece was in a terrible-two kind of mood even though she is now headed for four years old. Since we were at home and she was completely ignoring all of the her toys, puzzles and movies, I decided we would try to learn a game together on the phone.

The idea, at least the one I started with, was to pick a game that neither of us knew and to learn it together. She found the bird game and we decided to go with it.

We downloaded a free version of the game and set about trying to figure out the rules. The rules weren’t a problem as the game is pretty straight forward, but succeeding at the game was not very easy.

Flinging that bird across the phone with one finger in hopes that it would hit a particular little piggy seemed to be hopeless at first. Stormi and I spent quite a bit of time trying and not succeeding.

I, however, noticed that the failure wasn’t bothering her. She was completely wrapped up in the attempt and in watching me try and fail. “That’s OK, you’ll get it,” she said to me when her bird flew farther and knocked over more little piggies than mine did.

“Let me show you,” she added the next time around. That meant I lost a turn, but I wasn’t that worried about it. Back and forth we handed the game as she sat in my lap on that unusually hot November day.

“Wow,” she exclaimed when my last little birdie finally knocked over all of the bricks and piggies.

Finally we had moved onto another level. Meanwhile, my tennis elbow was screaming at me from the time spent trying to flick those silly little birds and my leg was numb from the weight of the little girl sitting upon it.

Later that night when she went to bed, her last request was one more game of birds. When I refused, she rolled over and pouted herself to sleep.

The next morning she rolled over and looked up at me and said, “I want to play the game.”

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