Too many choices

More choices is a big part of today’s culture. Having tons of options rather than yesteryear’s one or two is supposed to be a good thing … unless you’re like me, in which case it’s questionable.

I ran to the store for toothpaste. I like that little store because the toothpaste selection is small. I don’t spend hours reading all the boxes. Unfortunately, since my last visit, the store management felt it was missing out on some toothpaste sales and doubled its selection. Great! I started reading.

One was good for gums, but didn’t prevent cavities. Another worked on cavities but not gums. Some would make my teeth gleam white enough to qualify as a 150-watt light bulb, some would rebuild my tooth enamel (Can’t you just paint some clear epoxy on there?), and others would bust through tooth plaque like a jet-powered tank. On top of that, there were choices of pastes, gels, flavors and sizes.

Why did it have to be so complicated? All I needed was a tube of toothpaste that did everything and, lo and behold, there were several. Unfortunately, they were also about $5 or $6 a tube!

What in the world? I just shut my eyes and grabbed. Whatever I ended up with would have to do.

A few days later, I had to do what I hate worse than invasive medical procedures. I went bra shopping. I’m not a “foo foo” girl when it comes to this particular thing. The way I figure, keep the basics covered as simply as possible because NOBODY, with the exception of emergency medical personnel in case of an unexpected incident, sees my unmentionables.

I got to the underwear section of the store and froze. Obviously, I hadn’t actually been in that part of a store in a while. Racks of brassieres, some resembling torture devices, were displayed, all offering differing benefits — uplifting, plunging, pushing, pulling, and some stuff that sounded painful. There were wire thingies, comfort bands, clasps, no clasps, straps, no straps, padded, natural and Lord knows what else. Look, folks. I wanted a simple bra, not a contraption I needed engineering degree to wear.

My head started pounding and sweat beaded up on my forehead. Frankly, I was kind of scared to even touch some of them. I finally grabbed a few I thought I could operate and hoped for the best.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too sure my brain can handle too many more decisions.

Happy birthday Thursday to Lauri Johnson of Gunter; Samiah Luper and Lanora Lane, both of Denison; Gregg Middents, Carolyn Patrick, Pat Smith and Paula Sindik, all of Sherman; Rebecca Conrad of Howe; Tim Grigg.

Happy anniversary Thursday to Andy and Holly Anderson of Westminster, 11 years.