What to do — consider the quandary

Okay, folks. Our entire world may or may not end on Dec. 21. Personally, I’m rooting for Team Not. Whatever may be the case, though, it’s leaving me in a quandry.

Do I buy any Christmas gifts or not? Roger and I never exchange gifts, but we do end up buying a few gifts for others. If I take my life into my own hands and go out into those crowds of frantic shoppers at the stores and spend a bunch of money I don’t have on gifts that end up going “poof” on the 21st, I’m going to be a tad upset, even if I am only dust after that.

On the upside, I guess the credit card companies won’t know if the payment’s late. However, if it all doesn’t go south on said doomsday and I haven’t done any shopping whatsoever, then I’ve got to fight those last minute shoppers and picked-over store selections.

It’s kind of like jumping into a pit with 1,000 alligators all after one chicken. Talk about getting ugly in a hurry.

Do I decorate? I never decorate inside, but do try to at least do some little something outdoors so we won’t look like total Scrooges. However, do I really want to spend hours untangling those stupid lights just so aliens can use them to guide their UFO into our yard? (That’s one of the theories, you know.) I think not!

But, if I don’t and we’re still around on Dec. 22 (and assuming we still have electricity or a house, for that matter), do I rush around like a crazy woman to throw up a few decorations which will only be there three or four days? What’s the point? Guess I can just duct tape a couple of bows and reindeer antlers on the outside dogs’ heads and call it good.

Do we spend our Christmas eve family outing money on non-perishable food and flashlights, just in case we make it through any possible Dec. 21st disaster? We save all year for that! Not that it’s much money, but, darn it, that’s the one night I really look forward to. If I have to miss it because of an apocolypse, I’m not going to be a happy camper. They just think an earthquake is bad. Wait until they see me mad!

Happy birthday Wednesday to Kathy Williams of Tom Bean; Bonnie Ertel of Denison; Lois Groce, Tamara Mulvahill, Leslie McGee, Shatayvian Nelson and Clarice Coffee, all of Sherman; Annette White and Gabriel Chilton, both of Pottsboro; Glen Payne of Savoy; Jerry Lee Carter of Harrison, Ark.; Kay Jarvis White of Austin; Marilyn Fulenwider Hobbs of North Richland Hills; Ronald Dejuan Dawson of Dallas.

Happy anniversary Wednesday to Dean and LaVern Hess of Denisn, 48 years.