And we keep sending them back

Decades ago an absent member was fined by the House. Those days are long gone. Now a “leave of absence” is printed in the Congressional Record as to the reason for one’s absence. (Members may choose reasons such as “official business,” “illness,” or “gone fishing.”) If they want to raise revenue, they should return to the good old days.

When introducing a bill, all pages are stapled or clipped together. Then a sponsoring member will sign the bill in the upper right-hand corner. The submit staff will then send the bills to the House Republican Cloakroom via inside mail or bring them to the floor while the House is in session and give the material to chamber security personnel. This was before the change.

Now it’s Blackberries. The Republican leader’s office sends out periodic updates on the legislative activity of the day to members’ Blackberries. “A mind that is idle is a terrible thing to waste.”

As to what happens after that is anybody’s guess. In the mighty halls, as seen on TV, only one person is submitting the bill and the rest of the room is empty. We would get more for our money by renting it out for parties.

What a few holdouts did not understand is, when you are snowed in, you clear a path from the front door to the street first, then work on the rest of the problem. And we keep sending them back.

I’m not blaming you. I’m just saying that it’s your fault. (Research material furnished by Google)

Bob Grigg