Protect handicap parking

The state Texas wasted many hours of taxpayer dollars with developing laws to protect handicap.disabled persons in the state.

Although I am disabled, I don’t require assistance in mobility and my persistence in this matter is for those persons who continue to suffer inconvenience at the hands of blatantly disrespectful healthy persons, many suffering from simple obesity or laziness or both.

The most recent and blatant incident I have witnessed is the daily occupancy of the prime handicapped spot at (a business on Armstrong Avenue in Denison).

It seems the cashier, who is not disabled and has no permit (I asked her), finds the prime parking spot to her liking and informed me that it was because it was convenient for her trip to the bank, although I have witnessed the vehicle parked there for four and five hours at a time. The rude response I received for inquiring about her entitlement to the parking space is another matter.

It isn’t enough that many disabled/crippled/elderly visitors to businesses to spend money are deprived of their entitlement to preferred parking by the aforementioned disrespectful person. Now it has progressed to the point that employees who may be late for work or just like the convenience of stepping out of their car to the door disrespect the very people who are providing the income to allow the person to have a job.

Very confusing why local law enforcement will not utilize the easily enforced law to produce income for the city, and it appears that handicapped persons only have the small alternative of not shopping at a business that allows such blatant disrespect of handicapped customers. Respect in this country is rapidly disappearing.

Bob Dunn