Who’s providing the free corn?

A short explanation … An exchange student from a small socialist country was asked to explain how his country became a socialist state. The young man said, “It was as easy as catching a pig.”

First, you find a small open spot neat a big woods. You put some corn down and leave. A pig comes out of the woods and eats the free corn. You do this for severs days, then one day you put up a fence across the back of the opening, and put down more free corn. The pig pays no notice of the fence but eats the free corn. Several days later, and more free corn, you put up another piece of the fence. Again, the pig pays no notice to the fence, and eats the free corn.

This continues until you complete the pen with a gate. Again the pig pay no notice of the fence and gate, but greedily eats the corn.You slam the gate closed, and you’ve caught the pig. As an analogy, when Joe Biden was addressing the National NAACP Convention, while denigrating his opposition party, he stated, and I quote, “and they are trying to put you back in chains” end quote.

Aw, Joe. who keeps providing the free corn?

William Bizzle