Picture shows employees of Denison Cotton Mill

Former employees of the Denison Cotton Mill that ceased operation in 1977 have gotten together numerous times during the years since then. The picture accompanying this column is not dated, but a note I found in my file about the same picture said it was taken in about 1936.

Jeannette Clark, who lives in Royse City, send the picture to the Denison Chamber of Commerce, and it was given to me to take to Grayson County Frontier Village for the archives or for display.

Jeannette’s grandfather, Huston Curtis, is in the picture. Jeanette said that looking at the picture brings back a lot of memories to a lot of people. Someone painstakingly identified everyone in the picture.

Since the picture is so large, I feel that listing all the names is important so that readers can identify their relatives and friends who worked at the mill out in the Cotton Mill District of Denison.

Front row: Lorene Smith, Kelly Mathis, Opal (Mayes) McCarty, Vena Batts, Mts. Walls, Lizzie Davault, Ida Neinast, Ropkia Burks, Leona Arthur, Lorene Gilliam Tallant, Irene Richard, Nettie Corbett, Edna Fielder, Clara Murrell, Mrs. Elmer Richards, Mrs. George Dixon, Eva Anderson, Gladys Roberson, Mrs. George Corrin, Sarah Shields, Marie Shields, Irene Humphry, Martha Pierce, Effie Groff, Eva Moore, Alma Mathis, Roy Weightman, and Leon Murrell.

Second row: Eloise Munson, Ethel Rushing, Nondice Stapleton, Opal Lamb, Pony Gray, Brownie Simpson, Annie Dunaway, Maggie Shipley, Artie Sherrell, Lillie Stogsdill, Mrs. Tom McCarty, Mrs. Pennell, Sudie Nell Mayes, Leona Fitzgerald, Stella Shields, Mamie Mayes, Addie Jackson, Mrs. Jackson (Parker’s mom), Beulah Jack, Mrs. Ervin, Cora Mills, Letha Burks, Mrs. Vest, Ben Munson III, unknown, Roy Weightman and boy, Leon Merrill.

Row three: unknown, Pete Spradlin, Richard Gregg, Ernest Couch, Ben Hargrove, Dale Looper, Gray Edmanston, Mrs. Myrtle Pressley, Mrs. Bose Richerson, Mrs. Elijah Bell, Lou Smith, Leland Rushing, Jessie Mae Williamson, Alma Newland, Norma Giles Coffin, Lois Giles Griffith, Rena Clay, Sallie Hammett, Ollie Sherrill Bell, Ann Cox, Melvin Thompson, John Gregg, Henry Clay and Elijah Bell.

Fourth row: James Woolover, Odell Clay, Jake Clark, Loyd Spradlin, Red Burden, Ernest Stapleton, Mit Taul, Jake Haskins, Sam (Tot) Haskins, Erie Batts, Eddie Pierce, Odell Shields, Tendall Lamb, Floyd Richerson, Choice (Skeet) Johnson, Mr. Gregory, Bessie Bailey, Leaghty Thomas, Mrs. Ed Nagle, Jim Jones and Mr. Simpson.

Fifth row; Babe Shipley, James Burden, Tom Pressley, Chick Taul, Ralph Stogsdill, Doss Burks, Mr. McCarty (Opal), Sam Cox, R.D. Rushing, John Hill, Doc Edgett, Densey Jaren, Dib Norris, Big Boy Neinast, Carol Shipley, Clyde Smith, Nolen Sherrell, Robert Parker, Shelt Murrell, Sam Tomlinson, LeRoy Coffin, Lemly Coffin, Mike Burton or Burden, and Bare Binaway.

Sixth row: Hubert Lamb, Bose Richerson, Peanut Everett, James Corbett, Barn Hammett, Arley Gregg, Houston Curtis, George Shields, Johnny Shields, Muerl Dixon, George Coffin, Harry Burks, Johnny Clay, Ed Roberson, Charley Barkley, Forrest Mathis and John Barlow.

Seventh Row: Al Rushing, Carl Floyd, Henry Coffin, Guy Drewery, Whit Fitzgerald, Sherman Murrell, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Fergerson, Huley Sexton, Gayno Condon, Arthur Burks, Bud Norris, James Corbit, Elmer Richards, Arthur Edgett, Mr. Rushing, Laughton Hammett, John Cagel, Henry Moore, Virgil Tatum, Buck Roberson, Luther Griffith, Charlie Rogers, unknown, Mile Carr Benaway and Thomas Beshears.

Across the windows: Wes Curtis, Hatchet Dunaway, Charlie Davault, Boots Burks, Emmett Curtis, Claude Shields, Arthur Boatwright, Leon Edgett, Andy Shipley, Charlie Fielder, Pat Moore, Clifton Bell, Martin Coffin, Vernon Hargrove, Claud Askenhurst, Sam Tomlinson and Robert Merrill.

At the time the picture was taken, Miss Eloise Munson was president of the Denison Cotton Mill; H.N. Bodkins was treasurer, W.B. Munson III was secretary, and H.G. Edmiston was superintendent.

Identification and spelling of names are the way they were listed on the back of the picture and I have no further information about the employees.

Donna Hunt is former editor of The Denison Herald. She lives in Denison and can be contacted at d.hunt_903@yahoo.com