Lynn Burkhead — Huge Grayson non-typicals continue to make big news

Last week, the Herald Democrat broke the story of a huge world-class non-typical buck taken here in Grayson County during the final days of the 2012-13 deer season.

With a reported gross score of 261-inches and a net score of 249-inches, the buck set off shock waves around Grayson County and the rest of the Lone Star State.

That buck — taken by bowhunter Robert Taylor according to the Texas Big Game Awards program — has been given a green net score of 249 2/8 inches according to the Web site.

Should that number hold after the 60-day scoring period is complete, the Taylor buck will be the largest buck ever taken in Grayson County, easily surpassing the 2001 Jeff Duncan “Big Boy” buck arrowed at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge.

The Duncan buck, which was the Texas state record Pope & Young Club non-typical for a decade, net scored 225 7/8 inches.

Will the Taylor buck from Grayson County be the new P&Y state record as opined last week? Possibly not.

That’s because on Thursday, it was reported by TBGA’s Web site that the A.J. Downs’ buck — taken by the Conroe archer in San Jacinto County on opening day of the 2012 Texas early archery season — has been given a net score of 253 3/8 inches non-typical.

If that score proves to be the deer’s final official score, it would apparently leave the Taylor buck from Grayson County several inches shy of being a state record.

We’ll now have to sit back, wait, watch and see if the Taylor buck’s final 60-day official score proves to somehow be higher than the Downs buck.

Last week’s Herald Democrat story also indicated that another huge buck had been taken in Grayson County during the final days of the season.

It has since been learned that this particular buck was arrowed on the final Saturday of the season by an as yet unidentified Frisco firefighter hunting in Grayson County.

According to a post on, the buck has a score — it is unclear if this is the buck’s gross or net score — of 203 4/8 inches. It also has 16 points, an inside spread of 22 1/2 inches, a pair of “handle-bar” kickers, an 8 1/2 inch drop-tine and more than 40-inches of mass.

Depending on what the final 60-day net score turns out to be, this particular buck could possibly make the Boone & Crockett Club record book.

It could also be the third 200-inch or better non-typical tagged in Grayson County this season.

That’s because of Sadler bowhunter Ray Petree’s huge 205 1/8 inch net non-typical, a buck also reported on in this space last week.

Petree — who has seven Pope & Young Club archery record book caliber bucks to his credit — took his first ever Boone & Crockett Club qualifier on the first Sunday evening of the 2012 early archery season when he tagged his best buck ever.

That official 60-day entry score, which easily exceeds the B&C Club’s 195-inch net minimum for non-typicals taken with any weapon, makes the Petree buck the number two all-time non-typical buck in Grayson County behind the Duncan buck.

For the moment, at least, depending on the final disposition of the other two bucks mentioned in this story.

If those other two bucks officially qualify for B&C when the smoke clears, that would make three different non-typical qualifying Boone & Crockett bucks in the span of one local season.

Meaning that the 2012-13 deer season may go down as one of the best ever in Grayson County — joining 1999 and 2007 among others — despite the horrible heat and drought conditions that gripped the area this past summer.

Not bad, not bad at all, even if the new Pope & Young Club archery non-typical record doesn’t find its way back to our neck of the woods.