History comes alive

Not that I'm a frequent visitor of Facebook, but I've found myself going there more in the last year because of a few entries that interest me.

Preservation in mind

The people at the Red River Railroad Museum at the MKT Depot in Denison are learning the same lessons we at the newspaper have been discovering the past few years.

We must never forget

With World War II now 68 years in the past, it is a rightful fear that first-hand contact with veterans of that last global-wide conflict is becoming more difficult.

Talking about George Jones

Casey's Barbecue was the kind of place you might miss if your mind was on reaching your destination, likely either Conroe headed west or Cleveland headed east.

Tracks of the past

It had not occurred to me until I read about the Highway 91 overpass opening this week that when the new Denison High School starts classes in 2014, its residents will have basically the same view of the world I knew as a child.

Some words are worth remembering

I was looking for something else when I found this. Actually, what follows is a series of quotations that could go on cards or signs. I copied them out of various Facebook entries. And I liked them.

Saying goodbye to Char

Sometime in the late 1960s and early to mid 1970s, The Denison Herald and Sherman Democrat hired a lot of people who stayed around for many years.

Remembering an old friend

I never saw The Beatles perform live, but I had a friend who went to the group's concert in Houston in 1965. I eventually owned the souvenir program he purchased at that show.

Learning from Tony

Former Sherman Democrat county beat reporter and later city editor Tony Batt visited the newsroom this week during his annual trip to spend the holidays in Dallas with family and friends.

Looking over new Capitol calendar

It's about time to hang 2012 calendars, and we were fortunate enough to receive one last week from the Texas House of Representatives, which annually produces a colorful publication chock full of beautiful pictures and notations of events in Texas history.