Welcome Fall this weekend

My favorite time of the year arrives Sunday, at least on the calendar. Fall will officially get here on Sunday afternoon. I can't wait for the temperatures to catch up. I love the change in the weather, the change in the leaves and the fun things to do.

Construction noise not fun

Many evenings watching television, I default to home improvement shows. I love to watch as people, other than myself, struggle with figuring out how to do $100,000 worth of work with $50,000. The shows always follow a pretty predictable plot line. The designer promises the moon and then the complications start.

Fun with clowns

I don't know about anyone else, but I have loved the weather this month. What an amazing gift from above to be able to drive through town with the windows down on a Friday night in August. It was so nice we recently stopped and let my niece ride a few rides at a local carnival. Normally this time of the year, I would have opted for a movie at a nice cold megaplex.

Missing writer

Sunday afternoon I was watching "You've Got Mail" and missing Nora Ephron more than I would have thought it would be possible to miss someone I never met. Ephron, a screen writer and director, died a little more than a year ago and I am still not over her passing.

Summer’s to-do list

Back when this summer started, I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done before it ended. Some of them are still left to do, but I have managed to get to a few of them.

Summer’s end is near

School supplies are starting to fill the rows at local stores, and parents are already planning how they will shuttle their young to fall activities. But I am not ready to let summer go that easily.

One more for royal baby

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," or so William Shakespeare said. So what then is to be made of all of the fuss over the naming of Great Britain's newest little prince?

Sometimes the picture isn’t worth the pain

I was still sitting at my desk writing after 6 p.m. last Friday, which doesn't happen very often. Then I had a couple of stops to make before I headed out to pick up my Friday night date, my niece. By the time I arrived, she had resigned herself to sitting on the front porch waiting for me.

Fruit season is back

I have to thank, without naming, a local eatery for expanding my taste for salads. Previously, the only fruit I had ever had in salad was a tomato or strawberry. And adding strawberries to spinach, now one of my favorite summer meals, was still new to me.

Boston remembered

I might have grown up in North Texas, and I am a true blooded Texan, but if I were to live anywhere outside of my beloved Lone Star State, it would be Boston, Mass.

Where is spring?

I turned to The Weather Channel early this week and saw that parts of the country were expecting snow. I don't get it. Easter is long gone. That last frosty spell is supposed to be gone too. Isn't it spring?

Two great women gone in one day

The world lost two great women Monday. I am sure it probably lost a great many more women who were special to many, but Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello would be hard to beat out in any type of competition of world-wide impact.

Time for practical jokes

Now that April Fools' Day has passed, I wonder how many people spent the day pulling off practical jokes on their families and friends. That I know of, I was not a part of any such Tom foolery here at the Herald Democrat , but then I may not have known about it.

Happy Easter morning

Easter Sunday already — where did the time go? It seems like just last week the wind was blowing and the wind chill felt like it was in the 20s. Oh, wait, that was last week.