A little fat can’t hurt

Thinking back to your childhood days, how many fat people do you remember? Oh, we had a lot of euphemisms, such as chubby, husky, pleasingly plump. But I don't recall there being that many of them.

Paper towels work well

Old-timers like me remember when clean public restrooms were few and far between. If a towel was provided, it was made of thin, cheap cloth and ran on a continuous loop. A bar of soap was rarely present. The advent of liquid soap dispensers and paper towels was a great leap forward.

Titanic is back on the big screen

As the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic approaches on April 15, one of the signal events will be a re-release of James Cameron's epic movie that starred Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate Winslett and won 11 Academy Awards.