Where’s Mayor Goodson

I think I've found a new use for Facebook. I enjoy being on Facebook because I can keep up with family and friends and see pictures of children as they grow. I've even re-established friendships after our connections had been lost.

Spring break is finished until next year

After several of our grandchildren visited during spring break, I find my heart to be overjoyed that they were here and overjoyed they are gone. While I consider these tiny, and not so tiny, souls to be our greatest blessings, I also find they come with challenges.

It’s ironic how things change

I've been working at my church a little bit at night lately because we're having a change in pastor's. Our long-time pastor Rev. Jimmy Tarrant has retired and moved to Greenville and our church has yet to find a new pastor. So, I'm trying to make sure my areas of responsibility are in order before we have a new leader.