Eat what bugs us

It's officially mid-to-late summer. The reason I know this is because I was attacked by a critter. It slammed into my chest then flitted off like nothing happened. I, on the other hand, felt like I'd been pinged with a golf ball.

Store causes excitement

Living in what is still considered to be a small, rural-type community, I've learned it's some of the simplest things that get us the most excited. More important things often get less than a passing nod from us. Sometimes it's downright funny. I can say that because I do it too.

Kitchen gadgets silly

You've gotta hand it to inventors. Through the years they've come up with things we can't live without or think we can't live without. (Misplace the TV remote control and watch the total chaos that ensues.).

English can be confusing

English is a confusing language, if you stop and think about it. Whoever created the dialect obviously had a secret agenda — to confuse the stuffing out of folks.

Tennis shoe blues

Tennis shoes — or in today's fancier terms, "athletic footwear" — have been a wardrobe staple for almost everyone since toddlerhood. I don't know anybody — period — who doesn't have at least one pair of tennis shoe.

Some degrees are strange

It should come as no surprise that I'm not a college grad. I'm not even a college-goer except for one photography class, part of a creative writing class, and half of an office skills class. The only reason I finished a full photography class was because my class partner needed me. (OK. He was fun and really good looking. Give me a break.)

Robe search failing

It's no secret. I'm a clothing nut. I come by it naturally, being raised by a mother who earlier in life was an avid, accomplished seamstress.

Memories not made now

Summer vacation is almost here. Parents are already agonizing over how to let their kids have fun but stay protected. Hearing parents discuss this and knowing about modern "safety" requirements for kids, it's a wonder anyone in my generation (a '60s baby) and older survived!

Humor eases stress

I've always found (often unexpectedly) even the smallest bits of humor in some (not all) of the most severe situations. You might consider this an undesirable trait, but it's enabled me to keep a reasonably calm, semi-rational head during a crisis. Such was the case just recently.

Door needs locking

I'm not exactly a shy, introverted person. However, I believe that there are certain things that just ought to be kept private, the top one being bathroom time.

Tax dollars at work

A co-worker recently wrote a "Good morning" column on a study judging one's intellect by what type of fries they liked best. That got me to thinking.

Locks pose problem

When it comes to things to lock or fasten, I've always had problems. It's a wonder I learned to tie and untie my shoes.