Ranking small screen

It has been said that TV drama is in the midst of a Golden Age of storytelling, where shows can delve deeper into their characters and deploy plotlines across multiple seasons like never before. And while I can't claim a mantle high enough to declare this era "the best," I do have a few favorites from the past decade.

Pundits concussed

Fall is in the air in north Texas as temperatures have dropped in the past few weeks from "hot enough to fry eggs on a white car" to merely "hot enough to make a camel thirsty." And with fall comes football season, as teams from youth leagues to the pros have started their 2013 campaigns.

I wasn’t born here …

My fiancée, Mari Elise, an Austin College graduate who has returned now some years later to teach there, has a favorite story she loves to tell whenever she needs to explain the state of Texas to people back home in Colorado.