Boyd - 61st

Ray and Kathy Boyd of Sherman celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary on Saturday. They were wed Nov. 5, 1950 in Hillsboro. Wedding attendants were Jeanette Payne and Jimmy Easterwood.

Don’t make a turkey of Thanksgiving

As we look forward to the holidays I hope you will make plans to enjoy them with Christ at the center of your celebrations. Often, when we consider making Christ the center of the holiday season, we have Christmas in mind. However, Thanksgiving should be a time when we consider all of the blessings of Christ and how dependent we are on Him for everything we have. I'd like to offer a few ideas on how we might make Christ the center of our Thanksgiving this year: · Make the two weeks before Thanksgiving a time of "family reflection" by having each member of your family write something daily that they are thankful for on a slip of paper to be placed in a jar or shoebox on your kitchen table. When Thanksgiving morning arrives, open the box and read the many blessings God has given your family. Then, take time to pray and thank God for all of His blessings. · During your Thanksgiving feast go around the table and offer each person an opportunity to say something for which they are thankful to God. After everyone has had a chance to speak have someone pray and give thanks to God for the blessings heard at your table. · Each day, during the week of Thanksgiving, encourage your family to tell someone in their life a reason they are thankful for them. Each night you can tell stories of how you encouraged others and then take time to pray for those whom you have blessed. · Have each person in your family write a letter to every other person in your immediate family. Each letter should include at least three things about the person for which they are thankful and one thing they will be praying for this person in the upcoming year. Deliver the letters to one another on Thanksgiving morning and thank God for one another before the letters are opened. · Those who have younger kids might enjoy this next idea. Have your kids draw and color things they are thankful for on pieces of construction paper. Have the kids draw as many things as they like on each side of the paper and then have it laminated so the paper may be used as a placemat for your Thanksgiving meal. The kids will love telling everyone they made the placemats and will enjoy rehearsing all the things for which they are thankful. · This last idea is one I received from my wife's family. They have a tradition of placing a jar in their kitchen called the "Blessing Jar." This "jar" is used all year long as they write things they are thankful for and place these memos in the jar. The jar is then opened Thanksgiving morning and each blessing is read and remembered from the past year. This allows the family to remember blessings from the entire year and not miss the opportunity to celebrate a blessing which may have happened months prior to the big day for celebrating all God has done for them.